Send your next email with a professional email address

It’s time to take your email marketing to a pro scale. Using a custom sender domain is a great way to make your emails more professional and trustworthy. It also helps to build brand awareness and increase customer engagement.

Aeromails now offers you the ability to create your own sender domain. This means that you can send emails from a domain that you own, such as [your business name].com. This is a much more professional and credible-looking way to send emails than using a generic free email address, such as [your name]

Keep your customer email data safe and secure

Aeromails private sender helps you to save your customer data on your own domain after the panel installation which is the most secure and safest in every way. You would also be tracking results on your own domain and everything will be installed on your domain.

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  • Register a domain for 1 year
  • VPS Hosting for 1 year
  • Sender installation with pro features
  • Tracking Reports on your own domain
  • Free package of 80k emails credit
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Link your already purchased domain
  • VPS Hosting for 1 year
  • Sender installation with pro features
  • Tracking Reports on your own domain
  • Free package of 80k emails credit
  • 24/7 customer support

More about the Basic Package

For those who have no domain and are willing to create their own professional bulk sender, Basic Package helps to register a domain, Hosting, and the complete installation to send their next email from their own business email. The tracking reports on how your customers are opening, responding, and clicking your emails. It’s the best experience package while building your own sender.

More about the Standard Package

You may have a domain for your brand to market with a business email, The Standard package is to link your existing domain with the Aeromails sending portal. No matter where you have purchased the domain, it will be linked to our VPS for the perfect email delivery and faster website loading experience.

Aeromails Private Sender Package includes

Free Domain

Get a free domain registered for 1 year on any of your registrars. It would be used as your default sender with a business email address like a pro.

VPS Hosting

Linking your domain to our VPS hosting for 1 year. A safer and fastest hosting experience for the perfect delivery of your marketing campaigns.

Aeromails sender on domain

Giving you complete access to our sender portal after installation on your domain for free. Track results with extra features.

Free emails credit

While building your private sender, a gift of 80,000 is given to all of our customers for 30 days. This credit is given so you can warm up your server before scheduling emails to your customers.

Business email address

A business email is like if you own a domain a business email of that domain like is given to you for free so you can send emails with your business profile.

3 way 24/7 Support

Aeromails offers a 3-way support system to our customers for assistance. You can reach us via live chat, WhatsApp, and email to get your questions answered timely.

How long does it take to get ready?

Building a private sender on your own domain is actually a manual process by which your website passes through different steps. The estimated maximum hold time is 2 working days but you can expect your order completion within 3-4 working hours after the payment confirmation. If the hold time is getting over and you have not received an email regarding your order completion, please reach us through live chat, WhatsApp, OR any other of our social accounts for 24/7 faster customer support.

You may have an urgent order which needs to be completed instantly, we have a solution for urgent delivery within 45 minutes but it takes extra service charges which can be discussed with the support team. It’s not recommended to pay extra for instant order so you can wait for 3-4 hours after the order is placed.

Requirements before ordering a private sender

There are a few requirements before creating a private sender for you, as it’s your personal sender which is going to be built on your personal details so we need an email account and password to login to our ends for your record verifications.

To link an existing domain you have purchased through any of your registrars, its nameservers will be changed as per our hosting panel-provided servers. You can change these nameservers on your end OR provide the login to our support team so they can update them.

Important to know

Aeromails hosting is not like other WordPress hostings you ever purchased for content publications, It holds your marketing data based on your campaign stats and email delivery through the most secure and fastest system of mailing. WordPress installation is free of charge on our panel to let you create a few pages regarding your service OR product to let your customers know about your brand officially. The subscribed package includes Hosting of the domain for 1 year but if you don’t have any active subscription from the last 3 months, You may be informed by the support team to keep connected with Aeromails and further delay may force us to remove your domain from the hosting panel to add another domain in exchange of yours.